Series of fryer, de-oil and oil filter machine

LTF-L Automatic Continuous fryer

automatic continuous fryer

LTF-S Simple Fryer


The continuous fryer machine consistant of automatic belt conveying system, elevating system, oil adding system, oil temperature controling system, fryer can use electricity, gas, and diesel as power source.  Fryer can echieve industrial production, has features easy operation, stable performance and long time working, labor saving, easy maintained.

Model Heating power Heating temperature Output Size
LTF-L Continuous fryer(electric) 96kw -250C 300kg/h 3000*1200*2100mm
LTF-LG Continuous fryer (gas/diesel) 6-20.5m3/h(gas) 7-15kg/h(diesel) -250C 300kg/h 3000*1200*2100mm
LTF-L Continuous fryer(electric) 120kw -250C 400-500kg/h 4000*1300*2200mm
LTF-LG Continuous fryer(gas/diesel) 35m3/h(gas), 8-41kg/h(diesel) -250C 400-500kg/h 4000*1300*2200mm
LTF-S Simple fryer 45kw -250C 60-80kg/h 2000*1500*2100mm