Series of drying machine , dryer

series of drying machine , dryer

LTD-5PD Five-layer dryer   series of drying machine


  • This series of dryer is mainly used to decrease the moisture of various shapes extruded pelets, like tried 2D pellets like screw, shell,spiral,criso pea, square tube, round tube, waved chips, compound chips, abrimp chips, 3D pellets, bugles, pani purl etc. User can choose different types with different layer, length, and heating mode.
  • It has compact design and easy operation.
  • The oven is droved with double pitch roller chain and heats materials circularly, it runs smoothly, never obstuction.
  • Roasting temperature and time can be adjusted, effect of roasting is perfect.
  • With high efficiency fuel saving system, reasonable beat distribution, material is heated equally, low energy but large output.
Model Electrik/gas/diesel Heating temperature Output Dimension Applied product
LTD-5PD Five layer dryer 30kw/h -90C 200-300kg/h 7700*1300*2200mm Extruded pellets,artificial rice
Rotary Dryer 75kw/h 4.8-10m/h(gas) -180C 200-300Kg/h 6800*1300*2000mm Extruded 3D pellets