Series of double screw extruders

Series of double screw extruders

S85 double-screw extruder

LT70 Double-screw extruder

LT70CL Double-screw extruder

LT65L Double-screw extruder

LT70L Double-screw extruder

Spesifiaksi Produk:

Model Installed power Main drive power Output size Size Applied products
S85 99kw 75kw 500kg/h 3800*1100*2250mm Pet food/ protein/ snacks
LT70 53kw 37kw 200-250kg/h 3200*760*2000mm Snacks/ breakfast cereals/ pet food
LT70L 53kw 37kw 200-250kg/h 3200*930*2000mm Pet food/ nutrition rice/ snacks
LT70CL 53kw 37kw 200-250kg/h 3200*930*2000mm PLC top configuration(including facing cutter, fully stainless steel PLC, hand touching screen control panel)
LT65L 47kw 30kw 180kg/h 3500*950*1850mm Pet food/ nutrition rice/ snacks


Main Features:

  • Series of double-screw extruder mainly consist of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system,lubricating system and controlling system.
  • Automatic lubricating and forced cooling make sure that extruder performa safety and extends using
  • Feeding system, extruder system and cuting system all adopt frequency conversion timing to gain powerful drive, stable perform, and electricity saving.
  • Screws are made of alloy and processed by special technique to possess high intensity, abrason resistant and longer using life.
  • By means of designing different structures andslenderness ratios according to needs of products, screw extruder system meet different technology demands.