Series of double screw extruder

Series of double screw extruder

series of double screw extruder

Spesifikasi Produk:

Model Installed power Drive motor Output Size Applied product
FT75 96kw 55kw 250-300kg/h 4900*960*2200mm Pellets, pulf, pet food, fish feed, corn flakes and breakfast cereals etc


Main Features:

  1. modular circulation groove screw, made high strength and durability alloy steel. Screws fully engaged model, designed by 3D technique, smooth surface, high conjunction accurary, and better self cleaning function involute spine screw mandnel allow great transmission torque, easier in assembly the screws.
  2. multi section modular barrel, each section with saparate temperature controller, jacket with heating and cooling chanels, adopted steam or electric heating, automatic temperature control.
  3. frequency controlled main motor, heeder,cutter and liquid feeding system, touch screen PLC panel controller,clear simple and conventiont.
  4. mainly used for ready to try potato/wheat pellets,shell,3D, and also pulfs, pet food, fish feed, corn flake and breakfast cereals etc.