Series of customized roasting, drying cooling solution

series of customized roasting, drying cooling solution, JUAL MESIN PAKAN, JUAL MESIN EXTRUDER, JUAL MACAM MACAM MESIN PAKAN SURABAYA


  • This series of solution is custom designed to suit unique process and product faetures
  • It has features of fully weided, high air-proofness, high thermal efficency, large output high temperature-controlling accuracy, high automation, low energy comsumption, low defects and high sanitation qwing to the special designed conveyor. Thanks to these unique advantages, this series are quite popular in european food process industry.
  • This has wide range of operation temperature. So it can a hot air baker/ roaster, or can also be low temperature It has inforced moisture exhaushing function an is avaible for any heating source. It can also be equipped with other optional auxilary fuctions, like feeder, spreader, cooler, belt cleaning etc.
  • Depending on different products features, it can be single-pass, multi stage and multi-pass with various length and width.
Model Electrik/gas/diesel Heating temperature Output Dimension Applied product
LTD-5PD Five layer dryer 30kw/h -90C 200-300kg/h 7700*1300*2200mm Extruded pellets,artificial rice
Rotary Dryer 75kw/h 4.8-10m/h(gas) -180C 200-300Kg/h 6800*1300*2000mm Extruded 3D pellets