Rotary dryer

rotary dryer



The rotary dryer is mainly used for separating and pre-drying of 3D pellets. It receives the raw pellets by conveyor. Hot air is circulating inside the drum to provide heat and dry the pellets while fumbling. The drying temperature and tie are adjustable as demands. After require time, the pellets(now already separated) is dischanged at the end of drum then conveyed to the sifter via a connecting conveyor.

Model Electrik/gas/diesel Heating temperature Output Dimension Applied product
LTD-5PD Five layer dryer 30kw/h -90C 200-300kg/h 7700*1300*2200mm Extruded pellets,artificial rice
Rotary Dryer 75kw/h 4.8-10m/h(gas) -180C 200-300Kg/h 6800*1300*2000mm Extruded 3D pellets