LTF-B Automatic batch fryer

LTF-B Automatic batch fryer


The automatic batch fryer consist of the frying system, automatic elevating system, automatic de-oil system, automatic conveying and cooling system and can finish fry,mix,de-oil and convery automatically, fryer can use electricity, gas or diesel as heating source and can be widely used to fry the snack, pellets,potato chips, stick, beans, nuts,peanuts etc.

  • Compact structure of fryer, elevate,de-oil, convey, cooling system
  • Adopt PLC Control achives totaly automatic working.
  • Imported gas, diesel burnern guarantee best power consumption with higher effeciency
  • Manuals and automatic control way, operation flexible.



Model Heating power Heating temperature Output Size
LTF-B Auto batch fryer(electric) 45kw/h -250C 100-200kg/h 4600*2000*2000mm
LTF-BG Auto batch fryer (gas/diesel) 4.6-10m3/h(gas)


-250C 100-200KG/H 4600*2000*2000MM