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GH Series Drum Additive Mixer

GH Series Drum Additive Mixer


Product Features

Drum-shaped additive mixer is widely used in mixing the additives such as antioxidant,antibiotic,toner,mildew preventive infeed indrustries, it is also suitable for food,chemical,medicine industri.

Drum-shaped additive mixer has two types of stainless steel and carbon steel materials, this kind of machine has good sealing capability, and no residue, CV<2-3%.

Model GH-25 GH-50 GH-100 GH-150
Power(kw) 1.1 1.5 2.2 4
Capacity(kg/batch) 25 50 100 150
Mixing uniformity CV(%) ≤2-3 ≤2-3 ≤2-3 ≤2-3
Mixing time(min) 15min 15min 15min 15min